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Quotes I read [The Imaginings] in an afternoon. The demon is like a horrific version of the baggage we all carry through life ... the author made the demon emerge like a surge of emotion we've all experienced at one point or other. The book is well done and an enjoyable read. Quotes
Julie Jansen
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Quotes Paul Dail's "The Imaginings" is a deep, richly detailed and endlessly layered labyrinth of twists and turns. Quotes
Axel Howerton
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Quotes ... Would certainly recommend [The Imaginings]. I am not normally a horror/thriller genre reader, but felt this was an excellent balance of psychology, horror, suspense ... Quotes
Michael J. Guild
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Quotes The scene in the cabin towards the beginning [of The Imaginings] was a page-turner and a little disturbing. It's frightening when you get a glimpse of a person not in total control of themselves ... An exciting story. I think it would make a good movie. Quotes
Shawn Ekker
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Quotes I really enjoyed [The Imaginings]. I'm not normally a "horror" reader, but this one was so intriguing, I couldn't put it down. The horror elements were not just there for the sake of being horrific - they really were necessary to the story... Quotes
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Quotes ... [The Imaginings"] is a gripping read with gritty characters and nonstop action ... I didn't put the book down until I could read to the startling finish ... Five stars Quotes
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Quotes ... "The Imaginings" is a great tale of good vs. evil with believable and likeable characters ... The author is creative and imaginative. His writing is wonderfully descriptive and gives the reader vivid mind's-eye pictures of the action, environment, and surroundings ... Five stars. Quotes
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Quotes I've always liked Paul's work. We have different tastes for our chosen words (I think he might find my work a little too lurid), but I respect his commitment to the craft and passion for the prose. Maybe one day we'll collaborate on something. Quotes
b.h. duk
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